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World’s Very First Portal website ‘Ramen Japan’ Launched.

Ramen Japan

Do You Want To Find Your Favorite Ramen here?

TOKYO - August 25th, 2015 - Ramen Japan is excited to announce the launch of their new website in English. The Ramen Japan website is now available on the internet and contains three useful features. Category, Delivery, and My Feed functions. The official launch date for Ramen Japan is August 25th to coincide with ‘CUP Noodle day’.

Ramen Japan believes the new website will make it easy for everyone to find their favorite ramen in Japan or wherever they may live by showcasing Ramen through its website.
Regarding the three useful features mentioned above: ‘Category’ contains information related to Ramen shops and is uploaded by Ramen lovers who eat more than 100 bowls of the noodle dish per year. ‘Delivery’, makes it possible to enjoy Ramen in the comfort of your own home. This subscription-based service costs 2800 yen a month and caters to ramen lovers outside of Japan. Ramen Japan sends subscribers Japan limited Ramen cup noodles so that they can enjoy them even outside Japan. ‘My Feed’ is where you can create your own gourmet guide, and also where you can bookmark your favorite articles and shops, enabling you to find everything easily when you come to Japan.

Ramen Japan is owned by Japanese university students who decided to open their website as there are many people who enjoy Ramen throughout world. Lines for Tonkotsu ramen can be seen around the globe now, in many Asian countries, European countries and in the United States. Ramen Japan wants to encourage an interest in Ramen amongst all sorts of people. To that end, Ramen Japan has begun to deliver cup noodles and gather information for everyone.

Ramen Japan is now in the process of launching an app that will enable tourists to find the best ramen shops via their mobile phone while visiting Japan. Ramen Japan says their goal is to have 2 million users per month and 100 orders by delivery per month within a half year. Ramen Japan is now producing a variety of content to achieve this goal. In addition, Ramen Japan is going to compile a regional database to determine which regional ramen flavors are most popular. They can then use this data for selecting which cup noodles will be to be sent next via their delivery service.


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