Ovaluepress Company Introduction

Welcome to valuepress

- Japan's Most Widely-Used Online Newswire Service

valuepress is Japan's most widely-used online newswire service, supporting the communication needs of nearly 57,000 businesses and organizations. valuepress distributes press releases for clients in a wide variety of industries and sizes, ranging from communications and digital entertainment companies to traditional food chains, niche manufacturers, and small-scale online retailers. Our strong relationships with journalists, writers, and specialists in a wide range of fields enables our clients to efficiently reach their intended communication targets.

Company Information

Company name: ValuePress Inc.
Description of Services: 
Online press release distribution
Press relations best practices training and consulting
Founded: March 3, 2004
Sumitomoshoji-jimbocho Building 2F
2-11-15 Kandajimbocho,
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0051 Japan
Website: https://www.valuepress.co.jp/(Japanese only)
Representative Director: Ms. Akiko Tsuchiya
Contact email: info@valuepress.co.jp

Representative Clients / Type of Business

CAPCOM / Game development
U-Can / Online Education and Training
Tsuburaya Productions Entertainment / character licensing
NHK Service Center / Publishing arm of NHK Broadcasting
Mapion / Online/mobile mapping and advertising
KAYAC / Mobile entertainment developer
Excite / Japan Portal site
GMO Click Shoken / Online investing/trading
DMM.com / Online entertainment retailer
Crypton Future Media / Music recording/processing software and media
nissen / Online clothing and interior sales, digital signage, etc.
pixiv / Online advertising and merchandising
Showa Note Co. / School and education supplies
docomo.com / Mobile content consulting
teamLab / Web development and strategy consulting
TENGA / Employment Information
Ichiran / Ramen noodle shop chain
HARIO / Coffee and tea supplies, equipment
Ikyu / Online luxury hotel reservations