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Maid Cafe “Maidreamin” now has a vegan (all-vegetarian) menu!

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Maid Cafes have made reality the meeting between food cultures of Cool Japan and Cool Britannia. Well-known maid cafe industry leader Maidreamin has launched their vegan (all-vegetarian) menu from Saturday, April 15th.

Maidreamin, an industry leader of maid cafes with over 300,000 foreign tourists served yearly, is now offering a Vegan Menu in order to cater to guests who come from diverse food cultures. The menu was created by our maids, who are in-tune with beauty, health, and diet, for serving their vegetarian masters.

From Saturday, April 15th, we have now begun offering our first Vegan Ramen at all Maidreamin cafes (excluding “Thai/Bangkok MBK” and “Kokura Aru Aru City” locations).

Our Vegan Ramen comes in 3 different varieties: Shoyu (Soy Sauce) Ramen, Miso Ramen, and Spicy Miso Ramen, all 1,100 yen each (tax excluded). They topped with ingredients such as sliced ham made from soy and more.
As our vegan noodles are not made with eggs, they may not be springy to a great extent, however, there is lots else to enjoy in our ramen.

Shojin Ryori, Japan's traditional vegetarian buddhist cuisine, has continued to be eaten from ancient times. Our maid cafes, a representation of Japan's subculture, has made the chance meeting of Japanese traditional culture and the vegan lifestyle (born out of England in 1944) a reality.

■What is vegan?
Vegan refers to people who prefer to not eat food products derived from animals — this includes meat, seafood, eggs, milk products, honey, and more.
In 1847, The Vegetarian Society established the Latin term Vegetus (energetic, full of vitality) in England, and in 1944 Donald Watson proposed from the already-established vegetarian concept the idea of "vegan" — to not eat any food products derived from animals. Japan's population is approx. 5% vegetarian, of which 60% are vegan, but there are many vegans overseas (*based on 2014 survey data from non profit organization Animal Rights Center). America's population is approx. 5% vegetarian, of which 50% are vegan. It's reported that Taiwan's population is 13% vegetarian, of which 40% are vegan.

■About Maidreamin
Maidreamin is the world's largest chain of maid cafes, with 16 different locations of “entertainment” maid cafes & bars. We've had 4.5 million total visitors to our cafes, with our Akihabara, Shibuya, Shinjuku and Osaka locations becoming mainstays for foreigners visiting Japan. Also, we've become a driving force in Japan's pop culture and subculture through collaboration projects with popular idol units, popular cosplays of popular characters, and more.

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