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Experience the culmination and harmony of Japanese Soul and Food: “Gaho-men”, a new vegetarian food product makes its way to you.

Re-birth Labo
PRESS RELEASE Tokyo April 8, 2015

Experience the culmination and harmony of Japanese Soul and Food: “Gaho-men”, a new vegetarian food product makes its way to you.

Re-Birth Labo, a company that provides sales and consulting services, is pleased to announce a new vegetarian cup noodle product called “Gaho-men”.

"Gaho-men" the new vegetarian cup noodle

“Gaho-men (instant cup noodles) with powder soup mix” was released on the market as of March 10th 2015, and is a brand-new food product that does not utilize animal food ingredients or products, allowing vegetarians and vegetarian food lovers to enjoy the taste of Japanese Zen in the form of cup noodles. Gaho-men are one of only a few similar products on the market, making this new product highly recommend for vegetarian food lovers and vegetarians in particular who normally don’t have the chance to experience the deliciousness packed into normal cup noodle products.

A Premium product for you

Carefully supervised by the Sotoshu head temple and produced in Japan, these products are of the highest premium quality and provide an exquisite vegetarian food taste combined with the feel of Japanese Zen in every single cup. Reaching out to more people with Japanese favorites like udon and buckwheat noodles, Gaho-men can be enjoyed by men and women of all ages.
At a content volume of 85.1g for the buckwheat type (noodles 65g) and 94.3g for the udon type (noodles 72g), the domestic pricing for each is just 300 yen (including tax).

Re-birth Labo will continue to move forward and plan many new and fresh products in the future. For more information about Gaho-men noodles, zen-foods, and the Sotoshu head temple Sojiji, please refer to the URL links below

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About Sotoshu head temple, Sojiji

About Re-birth Labo
Headquarters: Tokyo prefecture Ota Yaguchi 1-17-6-103
Company president: Momoyo Uesugi
Contact TEL:+81-3-6715-4716
Homepage: http://www.re-birthlabo.co.jp

For inquiries concerning international sales, contact us at: zenfoods.japan@gmail.com
Depending on the order, it is possible to create an English version of this product.