Mon Dec 16,2019 21:00 pm

『Calculator -frequently used numeric buttons No ads』on Google Play was released last month.

Akashi Hamada

This app is No ads. There are buttons that combine frequently used numbers and operators (+,-, x, ÷) in this calculator app. It can be set by the user. So for example ≪Two for $12+ Three for $15 +Four for $23 ≫ You can perform calculations like this quickly. It is calculated with (2,×,1, 2,+,3,×,1, 5,+,4,×,2, 3), 14 tap. But my app is only 6 tap (2×,12+, 3×,15+,4×23)

Most of the numbers used in daily life and work are fixed.
So, I thought that if I registered numbers like telephone numbers, I wouldn't have to enter them.
It is an application that registers frequently used numbers and uses those numbers.

In a normal calculator app, the number of inputs is large, and it cannot be calculated without using (M +, M-).
You can eliminate that annoyance

Swipe to perform four basic calculations (+,-, x, ÷).
You can do it without looking at the button position, so it is convenient when your eyes are tired.

Because there are no advertisements, it is refreshing and there is no extra traffic.

Google Play :
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