Tue Nov 5,2019 2:00 am

Social Network Site “Rewanna” Launches: Share your “Wishes” with complete anonymity

Urchin & Company Inc.

Urchin & Company Inc, released a new SNS service called “Rewanna”, allowing users to post and share their “wishes” without the need of registering personal information.

Rewanna: Making wishes a reality.

Rewanna is about letting users easily post their own “wishes” without the need of sharing personal information. Rewanna is completely anonymous, leaving you to freely and safely post your “wishes” while having a community of people come together and cheer each other on.

- An SNS without the need of sharing personal information.

The only information needed for creating an account is a phone that can receive text messages for account authorization.
Phone numbers are only used for authentication, and not collected or stored. Registration of personal information is not required.

- Post your “wish”

You can post your “wishes” anonymously and have other users freely comment on your post, and help you achieve your wish,
whether it’s by making suggestions, or simply giving words of encouragement.

- Web-based Service, meaning App download isn’t necessary.

Rewanna is a PWA (Progressive Web App), meaning it can be used anywhere and anytime without the need to download an app. Everything is fully accessible directly through a web browser.

“I’ve always wanted to do...but I’ve been holding myself back.”
“I wanna do...but I can’t seem to push forward.”
“I wanna do...but I’m worried about what people will think.”
“I wanna do...but I can’t tell the people around me.”

The goal is to have people come together with common “wishes/desires”, and give words of encouragement, support, and sympathy to help everyone become one step closer to making their “wishes” a reality.

Nowadays, the sharing of personal information from large social network and cloud services has become a tremendous social issue. At Urchin & Company, we have developed a service with no need for such practices, and will continue to meet the needs of what users want with our expertise.

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