Thu Jun 20,2019 9:00 am

ITEMS co.,Ltd Launched “Zen,” its first organic CBD product line in Japan.

ITEMS co.,Ltd

Starting June 1st, 2019, “ITEMS co.,Ltd” will be releasing domestically processed CBD (Cannabidiol) products under its new product line called “Zen."

CBD, a known active ingredient in hemp plants, has been well recognized in the health and medical field for its potency and health benefits.
ITEMS co.,Ltd uses organically grown ingredients through its suppliers in California and uses the highest grade raw material to to create 100% safe and
Healthy CBD products for the Japanese market by a Japanese manufacturer.

Currently, there are numerous CBD related products in United States and many countries in Europe. But unfortunately in Japan, the market is has not matured enough causing limitation on the choices, and causing high markups with these CBD products.
Through “Zen,” ITEMS co.,Ltd plans to strengthen its supply chain, maintain its high quality, and make their products affordable across Japan.

Along with the product launch, ITEMS co.,Ltd also announced its strategic partnership with Sapho clinic (located in 5-17-16 B1F Roppongi, Minatoku, Tokyo) where these parties will go in to clinical trials and product development for future CBD related items. Sapho clinic is one of the Japan's oldest clinic specializing in cosmetic surgery and one of the few clinics that has Dr. Liu’s clinical spa, first medical spa, attached to their office.

Zen products are displayed currently at the Sapho clinic and they are ready to be tested on site.
ITEMS co.,Ltd believes that there CBD is beneficial for all and will be expanding its operations globally delivering safe and high quality CBD products to people in need.
Zen Oil
Sapho clinic