Mon Jun 17,2019 22:00 pm

Unconnectable SNS!? Anonymous tweet app Omotter

Clisk Inc

You can tweet only anonymously. You will never become a friend of someone. All you can do is to react to someone's tweet. That's what unconnectable SNS Omotter is for. Omotter is an app you can tweet without having to be aware of reactions of others because you don't have to register as a user nor is it linked to other SNS platforms.

On June 17, 2019, Clisk Corporation started delivering the international version of smartphone app Omotter.



- Tweet anonymously what you think -
When you want to complain about your work. When you want to boast of a special photo. When you want to confide your dissatisfaction or secret at home...
You want to have someone listen to you, but you don’t want that found out by your acquaintances... Yet, you do want to have someone listen to you!

At time like that, use Omotter.
Omotter will take what you think as it is.

- You can see reaction -
Readers react to your tweet by pressing a reaction button, such as "Like", "Isn't it sad?", or "Isn't it fun?"
Your tweet, no matter what it may be, will never be slandered because readers cannot reply to or comment on it.
Your tweet will be deleted 24 hours later; so, your past tweets will never be searched.

You can only tweet anonymously or take a look at someone's tweet with this app Omotter.

- Setting of distance -
With Omotter, a range of tweets you can get can be set.
While you are in school or office, or moving, at home, shopping, or eating.

"I saw something funny."
"I got mad."
"I want to assuage my sorrow."
We think of various things in various scenes where we live, don't we?
Let's get your thoughts across to the people around you by using Omotter at times like that.
You may be surprised to have someone close to you sympathize with you.

- What you can do with Omotter -
Tweet anonymously.
Read the tweets of others.
React to a tweet by responding with "Like" or "Isn't it sad?".
Setting the distance within which you get tweets.

- What you cannot do with Omotter -
User registration.
Friend registration.
Sending messages to other users.

- Contact Information -
Crisk Corporation
Person in charge:Kenji Nakajima