Thu Apr 11,2019 1:00 am

Request for review App Game Staraider


Save the stars from AI

Dear sir

My name is Akira Miura and work at Individual App game development.

I released a shooting game for iphone in February, so please post a review.

Akira Miura

--App name--
Staraider (iphone)

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--Background Description--
This work was re-created and completed at around the age of 22 (25 years ago) on a PC. All alone create programs, graphics and sounds.
(No image, no music download)

--Game Instructions--
It is an all six side vertical scroll shooting game.
I will save the stars from AI that conquered the earth and other stars.
The background is animated individually, and when you hit an enemy, it is comboned, animated, and added to its cuteness. Only the number of chains will be scored UP.
Chaining will increase the pleasure.
Enemy and option bullets have attributes (fire, earth, water, soil.), and damage increases with compatibility. The key to capture is here.

At the end of the whole, a unique boss is waiting.
ROUND1 = Earth (night city & sea) Boss = Unfinished AI boss
ROUND2 = Space (Japanese-style taste characters who have a princess and a princess) Boss = AI wind god Raijinbo
ROUND3 = Fire star (a lot of fire attribute character) boss = AI red dragon
ROUND4 = Tree star (the enemy to curl the trend) Boss = AI Woody
ROUND5 = Water star (AI huge crab appeared) Boss = AI snow woman
ROUND6 = Sand star (from sand star to the atmosphere to space) Boss = Completed AI boss
And to the end