Wed Feb 13,2019 5:00 am

SaaS code review productivity tool developer Sider, Inc. closes latest funding round from Opt Ventures. Sider Enterprise official release and expansion plans outside Japan announced.

Sider, Inc.

TOKYO, JAPAN (February 13, 2019) - Sider, Inc., the developer of SaaS code review productivity tool “Sider”, has closed the latest funding round from Opt Ventures. In addition, the company is announcing the official release of “Sider Enterprise”, an on-premise version that supports GitHub Enterprise.

Sider focuses on the code review process, which can consume over 15% of a software developer’s time.* By helping automate the review process, Sider allows developers to save time on code reviews and focus more efforts on improving software quality.

Sider provides tools to enable the aggregation of tacit knowledge within a software development team or organization. Sider’s code analysis engine leverages the accumulated library of knowledge to automatically deliver pertinent information to developers on the fly. This efficient method of knowledge transfer helps facilitate easier onboarding of new hires with limited knowledge as well as reduce the recurrence of previously discovered software issues.

Sider caters to a diverse group of engineering teams from small startups to enterprise companies. Many GitHub users across the world including countries like Japan, United States, UK and India have integrated Sider into their workflows.

In an effort to open up Sider to an even wider audience, today Sider is officially announcing the release of Sider Enterprise. Sider Enterprise will support the use of Sider in an on-premise environment for companies utilizing GitHub Enterprise. in Japan became the first adopter of Sider Enterprise, and now many other enterprise companies are following suit.

Last year, Sider established its first office outside of Japan in San Francisco and sponsored GitHub Universe 2018, where over 250 companies were introduced to Sider’s code review productivity tool. With the latest funding round, Sider aims to expand the Sider Enterprise offering worldwide.

*15% is an average based on the interview results of Sider customers