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Platform get started by musical instruments maker where you can share instruments with people in the world!

atsumari LLC.

It is a noteworthy service where you could share instruments among individuals, connect with domestic and overseas musical players and musical instrument maker! "Personal musical instrument sharing service atsumari" ※ Pre-registration is accepting.

■ Why do not you play a long-awaited instrument? Why do not you shine a light on instruments again that you do not use?
"atsumari LLC." offers a service that allows you to share instruments among individuals.
Users of musical instruments will be able to use various instruments suitable for them easily at reasonable prices.
The owner of musical instrument will be able to rent unused instruments at home to others and earn money.
For instruments maker, they will have more opportunities that users experience genuine makership.
"atsumari" connects users, exhibitors, and maker of instruments, and forms a new community among musicians.

■ "atsumari LLC." (location: Chiyoda-ku Tokyo Japan, CEO: Atsuto Kizuki,COO:Mario Caporale) has provided musical instrument sharing services among individuals from the December 2018 where people can share their musical instruments with people all over the world.
We will realize a system that is beneficial for both users and owners of instruments. This would be suitable for those who would like to use musical instruments casually or effectively utilize unused instruments.
If you would like to play a longing musical instrument, or shine a light on instruments that you do not use, please make use of our platform where you can share instruments with people all over the world.


■ Sharing among individuals to meet various needs related to instruments.
"atsumari LLC." will meet various demands of both users and owners of instruments.
It is a system that shares instruments among people.
They are like students of music college students and music classes, those who use instruments at Club and company’s activities, players who want to purchase instruments at reasonable price and players who want to use specific instruments for a certain period such as a competition, people who enjoy music as hobbies, children who want to increase the size of musical instruments according to growth, owner who thinks to sell musical instruments and to make effective use of idle assets, musical instruments maker who are seeking new contacts with purchasers and so on.
In addition, we also offer interactive services that are effective for people who want to make music friends in Japan and overseas ,and connect with musical instrument craftsmen.
For details of service contents, please visit our website below.

■ Background where atsumari was established.
“There are many people who have instruments, but not using them".
Even if selling it to instrument or secondhand shop, it would be difficult. Even so, it tends to be sold at a low price.
On the other hand, when people are purchasing musical instruments via the Internet, there are problems such as "They cannot play the actual musical instruments" and "There is little information about the musical instruments".
Therefore, they feel reluctant to purchase them.
Also, for makers, they may not have opportunities to sell until they are known well, which makes it difficult to sell their products directly to players.

For these reasons, we have built a sharing service system in order to let people who possess instruments have continuous opportunity to earn income by giving evaluation of musical instruments, people who want to use instruments use musical instruments from around the world with reliable information, maker who expand the sales channel of their musical instruments.

Users of musical instruments can acquire opportunities to meet "predestinate instruments" that are not available in Japan and purchase high quality musical instruments produced by craftsmen at reasonable prices.

■ Benefits for both exhibitors and users
In “atsumari LLC." sharing service, by creating a profile page and connecting directly with instrument maker, you can get information on instruments and what kind of maker.
By establishing not only trading of musical instruments but also a community opportunity that allows users to interact with each other, it is expected to revitalize the industry.
It is a service that becomes a new platform where people who love music connect.

【About atsumari LLC.】
〒101 - 0052
Duo Scala Ochanomizu Room 403, 2-10-3 Kanda Ogawa-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo,Japan
CEO Atsuto Kizuki COO Mario Caporale
Establishment date:September/2018
Business:A platform for sharing musical instruments

Member of the Japan Sharing Economy Association.
Tokyo Metoropolitan Public Safety Comission No,301021806717

Omotenashi Japan Service Qualility NO,02042121

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・Caporale&Ochando Fine Violins LTD.

・Customedia LTD.

■ Future prospects
In "atsumari LLC.", we strive to provide a sharing service with the mission of "making music more familiar, casually", "fostering musical instrument maker" and "making a community between musicians".
In the future, we will further increase the number of countries where our service is available.