Thu Feb 12,2015 0:00 am

This spring, Nihonbashi will be turned into a site for cherry blossom viewing! Experience the “beauty of Japan” at a variety of springtime events. “Nihonbashi Cherry Blossom Festival – Beautiful Nihonbashi”

Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.

A “Cherry Blossom Viewing Stage,” where people can enjoy art and view cherry blossoms, will debut on March 6. Held in the Nihonbashi district from Friday, March 6 to Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Nihonbashi Cherry Blossom Festival Executive Committee will hold the Nihonbashi Cherry Blossom Festival, a
springtime event in Nihonbashi, from Friday, March 6 to Sunday, April 12, 2015.

Nihonbashi has long been home to many famous cherry blossom viewing sites, including Edo Sakura Dori Street and Nihonbashi Sakura Dori Street. Drawing from that past, this year will see for the first time the “Cherry Blossom Viewing Stage” where art and viewing cherry blossoms can be enjoyed, set up along the Naka Dori Street approach leading to Fukutoku Shrine. The “Cherry Blossom Viewing Stage” artistically expresses cherry blossoms in full bloom with cherry blossom motif decor and LED illumination. The paper lanterns and lamps that highlight Naka Dori Street create a cherry blossom avenue bursting with Japanese beauty. A “Sakura Light Up” will be performed again this year, illuminating historic buildings including Mitsui Main Building in the color of cherry blossoms.

In Nihonbashi, numerous plans are to be implemented that will allow enjoyment of a spring of delicious gourmet food. Along Naka Dori Street and Ukiyo Koji Alley, which will become cherry tree-lined avenues, there will be a “Nighttime Cherry Blossom Open Bar,” where Nihonbashi’s long-standing establishments and restaurants from COREDO Muromachi 1 and 2 will open stalls. The stalls will only open for two days and offer special menus. Furthermore, Nihonbashi Cherry Blossom Bar 2015 will enable savoring of Nihonbashi’s charming shops with the added benefit of a stroll. At Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall, there will be “Japanese Culinary Immersion -L'art de Rosanjin,” a digital art exhibition inspired by the philosophy of the multi-talented artist and epicure Kitaoji Rosanjin, and where it will be possible to “see” and “eat” the beauty of Japan.

In addition, various events such as kimono-wearing classes will be held so that people may experience the “beauty of Japan” while strolling about Nihonbashi and viewing cherry blossoms.

This spring will mark the first anniversary of the opening of COREDO Muromachi 2 and 3, which opened in March
2014 in the Nihonbashi district. Mitsui Fudosan, together with the people of Nihonbashi, seeks to continue
communicating the renewed appeal of the Nihonbashi area through seasonal events that utilize Japanese culture and traditions and contribute to better urban development from the standpoint of revitalizing communities.