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Documentary Movie “Philosopher King” Depicting the Life of Former Taiwanese President Lee Teng-hui Was Shown in the UN Human Rights Council.

Reiciel Studio Inc.

A short version of the documentary movie “Philosopher King” depicting a shift from dictatorship to democratization under the theme of the importance of faith and love was shown in an side event of the UN Human Rights Council. A crowd-funding project was started to distribute“Philosopher King”in the U.S.

On Saturday, September 29, the movie production company Reiciel Studio, Inc. (head office: Chofu City, Tokyo, president: Hideto Sonoda) announced that the movie “Philosopher King” depicting the life of former Taiwanese President Lee Teng-hui was shown in a side event of the UN Human Rights Council.

▼ Official Website for the movie “Philosopher King” : http://tetsujino.com/

■ In September 2018, a forum under the theme of a shift from dictatorship to democratization was held in a side event of the 39th UN Human Rights Council (Geneva).

Hideto Sonoda, the human-rights defender and Japanese movie director, was invited to this forum. A short version of his movie “Philosopher King” was shown as an example of a shift from totalitarianism to democratization, and NGO workers from many countries suffering from dictatorship gathered. This movie showed a process of democratization of Taiwan, a non-member country of the United Nations, which they did not know very well, and gave hope for democratization.

This forum was broadcast by Taiwanese media.

Some of the voices of participants in the forum are shown below.
◇Voices of Participants◇
• I learned democratization of Taiwan for the first time, and this is a very significant movie. (India)
• This is a professional’s work and easily understandable. (Balochistan)
• I learned a great deal. (Sri Lanka)
• I want this kind of movie made in my home country, in which a dictatorship is established. (a French person who comes from Latin America)

■ The movie “Philosopher King” is a documentary movie depicting the path of life and spirit of former Taiwanese President Lee Teng-hui (1923-). This is a unique documentary movie using drama, animation, and the like to show the life of Lee Teng-hui in various aspects from the viewpoint of Japanese.

In the movie, the story develops as drama of Mr. Lee’s consciousness having a dialogue with Maria, a college student. Mr. Lee’s consciousness tells Maria about the change of his mind from a boyhood to becoming a soldier to studying in the U.S. as a scholar to becoming a statesman to becoming president.

Further, the movie depicts the struggle of the Japanese in the age of Japanese rule (1895-1945) and the White Terror in Taiwan under martial law after the war, and exposes“something Japanese”which Japanese these days have lost by showing the life of Lee Teng-hui.

■ The director is Hideto Sonoda. Sonoda’s grandfather was an educator working at Taiwan Government-general, and Sonoda’s mother was born in Taiwan before the war (she is so-called “Wansei” in Japanese). The director expresses his motivation by saying“I hope people can understand what Japan is and what Japanese are by watching this movie.”

The leading part is played by Momoka, an actress and model. Lee Teng-hui (voice) is played by Masaki Terasoma and Mika Kaneko,an actor. In the summer of 2016, shooting for a documentary part started. In the summer of 2017, shooting for the drama part ended. Then animation, CG, and the like were made, and finally, the movie was completed in September 2018.

Mr. Lee Teng-hui stresses the importance of “Japanese spirit.” The movie should give an answer to the question of what the essence of Taiwanese and Japanese is.

○Lee Teng-hui
Born in January 15, 1923. Became president in 1988. Elected 9th president in the first direct presidential election in Taiwan in 1996.

■ Future Plan
It is decided that the movie “Philosopher King” will be firstly shown in Los Angeles (The Music Hall Beverly Hills) in the U.S. from Friday, November 9, and in New York (The Cinema Village) from Friday, November 16.
For these showings in the U.S., a project was started in the crowd-funding site “Kickstarter” to raise 2 million yen(about $18000), which is required for distribution.
After the showings in the U.S., the movie are going to be shown in Japan and Taiwan by the spring of 2019.

▼“Kickstarter” Project Page : http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1067644131/669483392?ref=581135&token=e32f0089

▼ Movie “Philosopher King” Latest Preview Video (YouTube) : http://youtu.be/cvimWVOKhQ0

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Overseas-Version Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/philosopherking.film/

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