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IceBattery Cooling jacket to counter hot temperature condition An innovative product using IceBattery® a high-performance refrigerant developed by ITE Co., Ltd. Japan

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IceBattery Cooling jacket to counter Hot sumuer/hot temperature

IceBattery® Cool Jacket is not just a simple product but it is a solution to handle hot weather conditions. This jacket is designed to keeps IceBattery® (*1) inside and keeps the body cool.

On March 2018, MORITO CO., LTD., (Osaka-city, Osaka, Takaki Ichitsubo, President, hereinafter called "MORITO") and Innovation Thru Energy Co., Ltd., (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Pankaj Garg, President & CEO, hereinafter called "ITE") launch the joint developed cooling jacket, IceBattery® Cool Jacket on which IceBattery® provided by ITE.

The IceBattery® Cool Jacket salient features are:
• An ability to maintain low-temperature (20°c~25°c) constantly for more than 4 hours at 30°c ambient temperature.
• The jacket has one size fit for all and unisex as unique capability.
• The IceBattery® inside can be positioned freely and adjustable as per end-user.
• The product is light (870gm), and comfortable during workplace operation.
• The IceBattery jacket can be easily frozen by a household refrigerator(-18°c) and reusable.
(*1) IceBattery®: The high performance refrigerant which keeps multiple temperatures from -35°c to +45°c. The technology is scalable from Train/Sea 20Feet container to various sizes of boxes. It could support up to 160 hours under cold chain logistics for food and medical products.

IceBattery® can be put inside of Cool Jacket by attaching MAGICTAPE™, please refer to the red circle in the picture on the right. To fit perfectly on body, IceBattery® can be mounted on the appropriate place to cool, your armpit where your arteries are concentrated, or back for example. Cool Jacket is suitable for range of body sizes by stretching net fabric used at the yellow circle part in the picture on the right.

By pulling the elastic belt, the vertical position and fitting of IceBattery® can be adjusted. IceBattery® on back side can be mounted on the appropriate cooling position by attaching MAGICTAPE™. Chest size can be adjusted by thin plastic chest buckle on the chest belt.
Test Data of IceBattery® Cool Jacket The below chart shows the transition of the surface temperature of clothes while wearing IceBattery® Cool Jacket at 30°c room temperature for 4 hours. The point with IceBattery® changes around 25°c, however the other points change around 36°c. It shows the cooling effect of IceBattery® Cool Jacket.

The thermography camera picture shows that IceBattery® Cool Jacket maintains cool-temperature state at 45°c outdoor temperature after 30 minutes exercising on a stationary bike. (Based on internal study) IceBattery® Cool Jacket is now available from

About Innovation Thru Energy Co., Ltd. (ITE)
Innovation Thru Energy (ITE) is a Japanese company established on 2007, located at Tokyo, Japan. Mr Pankaj Garg, Founder & CEO of ITE has gone through a lot of research inventions, filed several significant patents and developed the world's best Cold Chain Logistics Technology: a great substitute for dry ice and legacy refrigerated trucks. The mission of ITE is to provide Cold Chain Logistics Solutions for medical and food industry at low costs eliminating CO₂ emission and it is environmental-friendly. ITE has developed end to end multi-temperature cold chain logistics solution that comprises air-cargo, train/sea freight and last miles delivery as land transportation. IceBattery® key factors are easy to adapt in emerging market, scalable products line-up with made in Japan quality. It has more than 100 customers in Japan such as ANA, JAL, JR Freight, JR Kyushu, skylark, Alfresa,

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MORITO is a Japanese company established in 1908, located in Osaka, Japan. The company has legacy of 100+years with core of Made in Japan, and scale globally both as manufacturing units as well as sales office. MORITO has been a dedicated supplier of apparel materials such as eyelet, snap button and MAGICTAPE™ to the world throughout its century-long existence, and nowadays expands the business into other industries. MORITO offers its unparalleled expertise in this partnership for IceBattery® Cool Jacket. For more information, please visit

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