Sat Jan 6,2018 0:00 am

Internap Japan Stimulates Demand from US/Euro Companies by Brand Integration with INAP

Internap Japan Co.,ltd.

To ease apprehension and insecurity US/Euro companies have for business in Japan, Internap Japan will use its parent organization's well-recognized brand "INAP" from January 1 , 2018.

From our establishment in 2001, we have been providing a variety of IT infrastructure services starting with high performance network service with an advanced routing technology which Internap USA has developed. Companies who are in need of high performance networks, as well as companies starting businesses outside of Japan have deeply valued our skills in supporting both English and Japanese assistance for project operation.

While the number of companies starting business in Japan increases due to inbound needs and the oncoming 2020 Olympics, its quite challenging for Western companies to deal with Japanese business styles. Our services have been providing a flexible bilingual support between companies which are divided by the barrier of language but we are relied by our customer not only by knowing the difference of language, but also managing the difference of culture.

"The services provided by Japanese companies are precise and accurate, but to Western companies, a lack of English support and their excessive focus on the process make can make them uneasy to deal with." CEO Masaki Okuno said. "Under the TTS Service brand, we have been providing a reliable service formed by dynamism, speed and proactivity to those companies that are unaccustomed with Japanese business cultures. Now as we launch the INAP brand, we look forward to emphasize these performance to the Western companies."

This brand migration appeals to the entire world, with a sense of security and a recognized level of quality that our services provide, accompanied with the native cultures of our staff's home countries, by unifying the already globally recognized INAP brand.

In the future, we will add services such as AgileCLOUD/AgileSERVER to our production lineup, which will appeal to the needs of Western companies. We are also planning to adopt a global data center in Osaka to strengthen the import of overseas enterprises.

*There is no change in company name.

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