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Crowdfunding Campaign Kicked Off for Brand New Game App., "Soccer Duel Online"

studio R.E.E.L, Ltd.

Helping Hands Needed to Create New Online Soccer Game that Everyone Can Enjoy

For Immediate Release:
November 2, 2017

Tokyo, November 2, 2017: studio R.E.E.L, Ltd. launched a Crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter on October 25, 2017, to create a new soccer game app., “Soccer Duel Online.” ( https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1535294673/soccer-duel-online )

The first version of this app. is planned to be released in December 2017. However, it won’t be able to have full futures due to a lack of funding. Therefore, studio R.E.E.L, Ltd. targets to raise 330,000yen, which is around $ 3,000, needed to upgrade it to the next level.

“Soccer Duel Online” is a unique online game app. developed for a wide range of users, from kids to adults.

"There are hundreds of online soccer game apps. worldwide to date, however, they tend to be too complicated or difficult to operate for some users. I wanted to create a soccer game, which is simple and everyone can enjoy hustle-free," the creator, Masahiro Kataoka, explains the reason why he decided to do this challenge.

“Soccer Duel Online” is basically a strategic game like Chess. This is a 5 x 5 match and you just deploy your players on the pitch, then they move and turn automatically to defend or attack the goal thanks to AI. The key is where you place your players. No specific tactical knowledge or skills are needed.

You can also play this game with people from all around the world as it covers 15 languages.

One game lasts for 3 minutes. Sounds like an ideal pastime!

Already exciting and enjoyable as it is though, with the precious funds to be given by contributors, the features such as World Rankings, Community feature, Friend Battle feature, Tournament Battle feature, or much more can be added.

All suggestions are also welcomed so that the future versions could be much ameliorated with new ideas.

The rewards are various. For example, anyone who supports will become a SUPPORTER and will receive a list of all players in the game. Your name can be displayed as a staff member or a sponsor according to the pledge.

Masahiro Kataoka used to work for a well-known Japanese video game developer, SQUARE ENIX and was involved in creating renowned RPGs such as FINAL FANTASY VII, IX, X, and XII.

He left the company 6 years ago and set up studio R.E.E.L, Ltd. aiming to create games that can excite more people, under the circumstances of no restriction.
And this “Soccer Duel Online” was born with his passions.

"A small game company of just two people, we may be. But, with your help, the possibilities are endless," says Kataoka.

"We want to develop this sports game while having fun with you and make 'Soccer Duel Online' a game which 1 million people can enjoy. We ask for your support to achieve this goal," Kataoka added.

The campaign will end on November 21, 2017, 4:00 AM CET.
Please refer to the following website for more details on “Soccer Duel Online”:

About “Soccer Duel Online”:
“Soccer Duel Online” is compatible with both Android and iOS, and the first version will be released in December.

English (UK&US), Arabic, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Português, Türkçe, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Bahasa Indonesia

The app. can be downloaded for free with an in-app purchase and the advertisements will be displayed during the game.

About studio R.E.E.L, Ltd.: Established in 2012 in Tokyo, Japan, studio R.E.E.L, Ltd. specializes in the production of apps. for mobile devices.


For more information, please contact,
Masahiro Kataoka
studio R.E.E.L, Ltd.
E-mail: info@studio-reel.com
Tel: +81-(0) 5055396477
URL: https://www.soccer-duel.com/english/
SNS: https://twitter.com/SoccerDuel