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01(Zen) is a religion that will make you free from existing religions. -Having value in your own faith while choosing not to deny any one else. - Lets note your god to a certain code.

01 Foundation

Everything is empty (0), This is why everything has value. (1) A way to registering your own god at block chain, which is an epic making way.

01 Foundation( ) Jun Kawasaki, due to Gator's incompleteness theorem, Einstein's relativity theory, Copenhagen interpretation by Heisenberg's uncertainty principle, and Zen's thought, “cannot secure that all values are true so you can freely define values, morals, and conventions as a value community,” has risen to spread such a thought and started 01 religion. In 01 religion, each one will register their own belief, faith, god, on to the block chain. Community values, rules and such will be managed by git version and everyone should be able to be in a situation where they send a pull request. And, if you belong to a value community, you have to obey the values, morals and rules of the community and also tolerate other value communities. Now, toleration will only be applied to these communities that applies these basic principles.(Which means communities which tolerate each other) For that reason already existing communities of the society are not applied. 01 Foundation will not decide Metaphysical existence and make an absolute value. (0) Registered god will all be, valued god (1) for all those who have faith in them and for those who do not have faith in them does not have vales, but as long as the registration is done all gods will be respected(8000000/YAOROZU), those who have faith in them will be tolerated.
This thought is to free humanity from existing religions.
People devoting to 01 religions will not have to believe in god which they have been forced by their parents or teacher or person any other than yourself.
You can obey what you believe and create a community together with people with the same thought and values.

People outside of 01 religion, no matter how much they denounce your belief, no matter they decide your belief is not worth it, inside ZEN, your belief will be tolerated. Even if your god and gods within ZEN is different.
There is real human autonomy (Not getting any domination or restriction and acting through your own principles that you have built on your own.) and relationship of trust within the community.
I wish this thought will create sympathy to lot of people and start spreading.

The structure of the service ,「Yaorozu」8000000 provided by religious corporation 01 religion.
Premise: 8000000=8million=(Yaoyorozu)is a Japanese a word which means countless or infinite. Also, there is a word called “Yaorozu no Kami”. This word means countless god or all gods and infinite numbers of gods are all things in nature and dwells everywhere.

Service: At 01(ZEN) everyone show their own belief on the code, and can issue their own beliefs. This service itself is called Yaorozu and through Yaorozu you can make Yaorozu a reality.

Merit: Using Yaorozu you can make yourself a doctrine within 01(ZEN) and become a Guru. Also, you can conduct an organization management within this platform. So 01(ZEN) is a platform type religion in which many religions can stand side by side.

The Node that has been created using 「Yaorozu」8000000 will have below principles as premises below as basic principles.


void ghost() {
return true;

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