Thu Oct 19,2017 3:00 am

Cookbiz Renews Online Version of Popular App “Foodion” to Accelerate New Food Platform

Cookbiz Co.,Ltd.

Upgraded Web Version Encourages Chefs and Cooks to Post and Share Photos of Their Dishes

Cookbiz Co.,Ltd., a food and hospitality industry website operator today announced the release of the upgraded “Foodion” website. Photos of cooked food shot by chefs, cooks, and service staff can now be viewed on the “Foodion” website in addition to its namesake SNS application, whose Android version was released one month earlier.

“As a leading-edge platform service, 'Foodion' sets the stage for food professionals to post their thoughts willingly, share helpful information, and create mutual connections”, said Kenji Yabuno, the CEO of Cookbiz Co.,Ltd.

“The application version has been subscribed by more than 10,000 users with chefs and cooks accounting for 80% of them”, Yabuno said.

“Day in day out, dishes they cook and cater for someone, and memories of eating around are posted”, he said, noting that the number of posts has more than tripled over the past six months. “Anyone interested in food is welcome to use the service”, he also added. “They can follow renowned and impressive chefs abroad who are using 'Foodion,'” he said, adding that chefs are checking the "Like" and "Share" marks actively between them.

“By the way, 'Foodion' distributes videos of popular chefs preparing dishes free of charge. Also, the web version has posted interview reports of well-known chefs every week. A total of 80 chefs have so far cooperated. The number of sessions has more than quadrupled on a notable increase since the start of the service”, Yabuno said.

“With the latest web renewal, Cookbiz Co.,Ltd. has enabled 'Foodion' users to check contributed photos on the website just as on the application. Furthermore, Cookbiz Co.,Ltd. is determined to provide the service that will best suit the system requirements of users”, he said.

“Cookbiz Co.,Ltd. will continue its effort to boost the popularity of the food industry and contribute to its growth”, he said, referring to the corporate vision.

Target users:
• Professionals working on the front line of the food and hospitality industry
• People on apprenticeship aiming to become chefs
• Students attending cooking schools
• Anyone interested in cooking and food

For the purposes such as:
• A tool to record and share new menus, services, and food stuff and memories of eating around
• A tool to build a network with non-colleagues and broaden knowledge
• A tool to assist a career vision in the food and hospitality industry
• A tool to help chefs and cooks to acquire new knowledge of food

Overview of the application version:
Name: “Foodion”, an SNS application to ensure connections with chefs and cooks
Compatible terminals: Android 4.4 and higher and iPhone/iPad iOS 9.0 and higher
Service languages: Japanese and English

Overview of the website:
Name: “Foodion”
URL: https://foodion.net/?lang=en
Service languages: Japanese and English