Fri Aug 25,2017 3:00 am

Introducing “Sobit”, a Bitcoin mobile prepaid recharge service available in 137 countries.

Ceres Inc.

In co-operation with Tokyo based company Janom LLC, Ceres Incorporated has released the international Bitcoin remittance service, which supports a wide group of 600 operators in 137 countries. Sobit gives users from all over the globe the ability to recharge their prepaid mobile phone using only “Bitcoin”, the most popular cryptocurrency in the world.

■Sobit’s mission and usage
Targeted towards areas primarily across Asia and Africa, Sobit opens the possibility to recharge users online mobile phone services without the need for a bank account, similar to the popular post-paid contract system used within Japan and the USA.

All that is required for users to recharge their phone service is a small Bitcoin payment and an internet connection without the need to share any private information such as credit card details. Users need only enter their phone number and the prepayment they wish to make. Once payment has been confirmed through the Bitcoin network their prepaid credit will be available instantly.

Sobit aims to become a multilingual, international service available even to those who are not able to communicate in English.

■Companies behind Sobit - Ceres Inc. and Janom LLC
Ceres Inc. is a business focused on developing leading internet based content for smartphone devices such as dynamic reward sites, where through the use of advertising customers can receive cash-back in the form of points redeemable as virtual currency for services within Ceres.

As a result of Ceres Inc. successfully forming a capital tie-up with Bitbank Incorporated on the 12th of July, the two companies have now joined those using the equity method. Ceres Inc. is also currently co-operating with Coincheck Inc., Orb Inc., and Sivira Inc. to further its blockchain and cryptocurrency ventures.

Janom LLC is a cryptocurrency and virtual currency enterprise created by Tokyo University Master’s graduate, Masahiko Hyuga. In 2016 Ceres Inc. and Janom LLC released “CoinTip”, a service enabling users to send Bitcoin through Twitter thus avoiding long transaction times and miner's fees.

■Ceres Inc. and the future
As of April 2017, in addition to the revision of the Payment Services Act, "Bitcoin" has been legally recognized in Japan as a proper means of payment. In anticipation of many companies developing cryptocurrency exchange services, Ceres Inc. believes there is currently a shortage of cryptocurrency payment systems resulting in a loss of social convenience.

In the future, Ceres Inc. and Janom LLC plan to create "a killer app", and will continue to develop services and spread information related to Bitcoin and extend its use within the wider economy.

■Sobit Information

■Contact for publicity on the service
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■Company profile
Company name: Ceres Inc.
Established: January 2005
Business description: Smartphone media services