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Creativity by Using a Smartphone for Childcare Cultivate Share children’s handmade cards with family members!

Mogic Inc.

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Mogic Inc. (head office: Nerima-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Yoichi Yamane; hereinafter referred to as “Mogic”) has enhanced social media posts through the Pash application so that children can easily share handmade cards with family members

 Although some concerns have been voiced about childcare using smartphones or tablets, it is difficult to avoid this in contemporary childcare. Accordingly, rather than simply passively looking at images, we think that having children actively draw pictures and letters to share with family members will help cultivate creativity, and so we enhanced the functions of this service.

 Children can use the Pash application to create cards from handwritten illustrations and photographs, and their caretakers can use SMS to share the cards with children’s parents when they are at work. Parents can learn about their children’s circumstances by looking at the cards during break time or while commuting. They can also use illustrations to send replies to their children. We hope that such communication will lead to the cultivation of as much creativity as possible.

 It is also possible to display handwritten cards to the public and to see what kinds of cards children around the world are drawing. From now on, we plan to make further improvements in order to contribute to children’s education.

Public handwritten cards

Main functions
・In addition to being able to write on each card by hand, it is also possible to include photographs.
・Cards can be sent by using services such as LINE, Instagram, Twitter, and other SMS applications.
・It is also possible to display handmade cards to the public.

For further details about Pash service, please visit the following homepage.

Information for inquiries related to Pash service
Service planning and development: Mogic Inc.
People in charge: Yoshitaro Yonamoto and Takumi Sogawa
TEL: +81-3-3997-7408

Company overview of Mogic
Company Name: Mogic Inc.
Established: December 2009
Representative: President, Yoichi Yamane
Head Office: 1F-4F Mono Décor Shakujii Koen, 3-3-31 Shakujii-machi, Nerima-ku, Tokyo
Business descriptions:(1) Planning, producing, development, and operation of IT education services
:(2) Consultation services for internet services
:(3) Operation of media services