Wed Jul 19,2017 3:00 am

EXBIT Launched ArtistGuild : A New Platform Connects Artists and Patrons – Already used in 152 countries-


EXBIT,Inc.(CEO : Yuji Shiina ) launched a new platform called “ArtistGuild” In ArtistGuild, artists will be able to get more income and their fans all over the world. And people who love art will find, check lots of art and support artists. In these 4 months, artists live in 152 countries have already started to post and share their art in ArtistGuild.

■About ArtistGuild:
If you want to take a glance at the concept of ArtistGuild, please jump into the link below!

- Registration fee : FREE
- 1000-1500 users join ArtistGuild per month ( Now over 5000 users use ArtistGuild in July 2017) *We’ve launched it March 2017.
- In ArtistGuild, we support the following 2 basic features;
1. Patronage Agreement
It is a feature which enables patrons to receive rewards from artist, in return for their Patronage Money invested weekly/monthly.
2. Purchase Agreement
The Purchase Agreement feature has 2 types of functions.
The 1st function is the Purchase of the Reward. This is a function which enables patrons to get reward even if they didn’t make the Patronage Agreement with the artist. It means you have multiple ways of getting involved with art/an artist, and you will be able to enjoy a wide range of artistic work. In addition, this function provides past art works with the opportunity to be seen in the light of day again. This may even yield a benefit to the artists. We think this is a mechanism, which is vital to the arts.
The 2nd function is Boosting, which is available for both artists and patrons. All of us have the ability to be impressed by art. Simply stated, this function enables the artist to get paid for his/her act in the future, as it inspired someone somewhere on our Earth.

The features as described above are the main functions implemented in the initial version of ArtistGuild. We’ll add on more useful features in future releases.

For the latest updates and announcements about ArtistGuild, visit the link below.

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■Media Contacts:
Exbit, Inc
CEO Yuji Shiina

■About EXBIT:
EXBIT is an Internet services start-up company, managing “ArtistGuild”, developing applications and infrastructure solutions. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.
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