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E PROTECTIONS provides an online Wallet Service for Remittance with just “One Coin”


~ Overseas remittances available at a new flat rate ~ Singapore (July 12, 2017) – E PROTECTIONS PTE. LTD. (Head Office: #18-92 THE CENTRAL, 8 EU TONG SEN STREET, SINGAPORE.), an online payment service provider, has announced the release of a “One-Coin Remittance” service and its new fee structure, where remittances between users’ wallet accounts are available at an affordable fee from the date of July 15, as part of its online payment service called “mybitwallet”.

When consumers need to remit between different countries, the most common option available require them to make the transfer through a bank. Very often, consumers will have to bear the high service charges for remittance service at the bank. Purchasing overseas goods and service, consumers are obliged to pay hefty service charges. Therefore, in order to improve such situation, E PROTECTIONS provides them with a low-cost fee structure for remittance service available at a flat rate in its mybitwallet platform.

mybitwallet introduces a flat-rate fee structure for remittance between users who have a mybitwallet account, providing the service at a rate of just 100JPY/1USD/1EUR per remittance.

■ The service fees for “One-Coin Remittance” are as follows:

Service fee _*100JPY*_ _*1USD*_ _*1EUR*_
Currency for remittance Japanese Yen/US Dollar/Euros

Users can enjoy more affluent lives by enabling themselves to easy access to products or services provided not only in domestic market but also overseas markets. Moreover, with this new service, companies and business entities may now expand its global acquisition of users who have been unreachable for them previously due to payment collection issues. This will result in the further promotion of their international transactions.

1. Benefit for Users
The service fee for remittance between individuals will be significantly reduced, in comparison with the conventional service fee for remittance calculated at its applicable rate.
This new service fee structure enables users to utilize our services for daily remittances, such as the settlement of expenses for reimbursement to/from their friends and families.

2. Benefit for Merchants (business owners, member stores)
The service fee for money collection by merchants will be significantly reduced.
In addition, even if merchants transfer funds to users for repayment, withdrawal or transferring funds to users in payment of commission, etc., they can transfer them at a flat rate of 100JPY/1USD/1EUR.

● “Collections of sales” by merchants from users;
● “Remittance of funds” by merchants to users
In each case, the remittance costs will be greatly saved for merchants.

E PROTECTIONS is the world’s leading FinTech payment solution provider in the industry to provide an easy and internationally accessible intelligent payment solution
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