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MS Hackers, LLC Releases 'Enlatte', a New Conference Organizing Web Service on July 5

MS Hackers, LLC

Organizing an Event? Struggle No More! Enlatte Helps You at a Reasonable Price

For Immediate Release:
July 5, 2017

Osaka, July 5, 2017: MS Hackers, LLC is pleased to announce the release of a conference organizing web service, Enlatte, on July 5, 2017.

Enlatte is a new type of a web service, which helps you to organize any kind of meetings or conferences at a very competitive price.

Usually, an app needs to be released for each meeting or conference, and it costs a lot as it is often custom built by professional designers. However, a high price is not necessarily a guarantee of a high quality.

Some meetings with lower budgets are forced to go low techs such as printed timetables or handouts. However, it is not practical for both organizers and participants.

"We have developed Enlatte to solve these problems and offer a conference organizing web service at a low cost, yet a high quality," quotes MS Hackers.

With Enlatte, programs of events are clearly laid out on a timetable. And, when you click on each event, you can see its details. Are there programs you don't want to miss? You can save them in your 'Favorite List', so that they will be displayed on your schedule page for you to be alerted.

The price is $1,000 for each event, which is around 1/10 to 1/3 of its competitors’. Enlatte is offered both in Japanese and English and is available worldwide.

Main Features:
1. Efficient Timetable:
You can create a timetable for all of the programs at a glance. A vertical line shows time and a horizontal one shows venues. When you click on a program, it shows details of the event on a PDF file with a map to access to the venue.

2. It helps you to organize your planning during the event:
Programs that you are interested in attending can be saved in your favorite list and the items in that list will be automatically displayed on your schedule page. By adding your own rendezvous, that schedule page will become your original timetables for these events.

3. Reasonable price:
By using 'the cloud', and asking clients to input and manage their data by themselves, Enlatte can offer a high quality service at a low price.

About Enlatte:
Title: Enlatte
Released: July 5, 2017
Price: $1,000 for an event

MS Hackers, LLC is planning to release a new version of the Enlatte app for Android and iOS in the near future.
This new app will have functions such as 'notifications', giving you notices when there is news from organizers or a program starts.

Please refer to the following website for details:

About MS Hackers, LLC: Established in 2013 in Osaka, Japan, MS Hackers, LLC develops various kinds of software and hardware.


For more information, please contact:
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