Thu Jun 8,2017 23:00 pm

Software Developer INTERNET Co., Ltd. Opens New Site to Sell Music Creation Software, VOCALOID Libraries and Plugin Effect Abroad


INTERNET Co., Ltd. launches the Website to Advertise and Promote Music Creation Software, VOCALOID Libraries and Plugin Effect toward Foreign Customers

For Immediate Release:

Osaka, JAPAN - June 8, 2017, Setting an eye on music lovers in foreign countries, INTERNET Co., Ltd. today kicks off the Web site to advertise and promote the personal computer software toward music lovers overseas.

"Up until now, the scope of business for INTERNET Co., Ltd. has been limited to the domestic music software market", said a company spokesman.

As to the motive for starting the new project, the spokesman said that INTERNET Co., Ltd. desired foreign customers to access an English-language website to pick the software that suits them.

To commemorate the inauguration of the new service, a vocal software 'VOCALOID3 Library Megpoid English' and VST/AU Plugin effect 'F-REX' are on sale at the special price. 'VOCALOID3 Library Megpoid English' is 40% discount and 'F-REX' is 50% discount.

"'Megpoid' is the virtual vocal library highlighting the voice of Megumi Nakajima, a Japanese voice actress", he said.

He cited another brand of best-selling software, "Gackpoid", starring GACKT, a major Japanese singer/songwriter whose background is veiled in mystery.

"'Megpoid' and 'Gackpoid' are the popular software that customers abroad had to visit the Japanese-language site to download", he said.

The spokesman stressed that their fresh website is quite different from other similar services in Japan in that it communicates all information in English.

INTERNET Co., Ltd. was determined to publish the English website at the request of many clients abroad who cannot read Japanese, he said.

About major software:

- VOCALOID series -

"VOCALOID4 Library Megpoid"
Megpoid is the virtual vocal library based on the voice of Megumi Nakajima.

"VOCALOID4 Library Gackpoid"
Gackpoid is the virtual vocal library based on GACKT, a major Japanese singer/songwriter.

"VOCALOID4 Library Otomachi Una V4"
Otomachi Una is the virtual vocal library based on the voice of Aimi Tanaka, a major voice actress in Japan.

Note: In order to use "VOCALOID4/3", you must have "VOCALOID4 Editor" or "VOCALOID4 Editor for Cubase", which are sold by Yamaha Corporation.

- Plugin Effect -

F-REX can analyze the sound that's being played in a real time into three parameters (volume, frequency and panning), and it will graphically visualize them.

- Text to Speech Software -

Megpoid Talk
Just enter the text or sentence, and hear Megpoid (Voice Source : Megumi Nakajima) read out loud.

Otomachi Una Talk Ex
Just enter the text or sentence, and hear Otomachi Una (Voice Source : Aimi Tanaka) read out loud.


About the website:
URL: http://www3.ssw.co.jp/en/
Open: June 8, 2017
Payment: PayPal / Or credit cards: MasterCard, VISA, American Express, and other major credit cards
Twitter official account: https://twitter.com/INTERNETjp_en

About INTERNET Co., Ltd.:
The Osaka-based company has been engaged in the development and sale of music and sound related software such as "ABILITY", "Singer Song Writer", "Sound it!" and "VOCALOID" series, etc. since its foundation in 1988.


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