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Aroma Bit Beta-Releases "milunio," World's First E-Commerce Website That Lets Users Select and Search Products by Aroma

Aroma Bit, Inc.

Hisamitsu Coffee, provider of GUILD COFFEE in Kagurazaka, Tokyo, to be first store featured in milunio, offering 15 kinds of roasted coffee beans

TOKYO, JAPAN-- Aroma Bit, Inc. (representative director: Shunichiro Kuroki; head office: Chuo-ku Tokyo; “Aroma Bit”), a company that designs and develops small odor imaging sensors and innovative services using the sensors, today announced the beta-release of milunio, the world’s first e-commerce website where users can select and search products by aroma.

Aroma Bit, Inc.:

Along with this, Hisamitsu Coffee Co., Ltd. (representative director and general manager: Yasutaka Hisamitsu; head office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; “Hisamitsu Coffee”), a provider of roasted coffee beans under the GUILD COFFEE brand in Kagurazaka, Tokyo, will become the first store to be featured in the website and start offering 15 kinds of roasted GUILD COFFEE beans in a sequential manner.

Hisamitsu Coffee Co., Ltd.:

milunio, the world’s first e-commerce website featuring an odor visualization sensor to allow users to choose and search products by aroma

milunio is the world’s first e-commerce website that allows consumers to select and search products by aroma. Consumers can search, choose and compare products based on aroma.
The biggest feature of this website is that products carry aroma code, an aroma-visualizing smart label developed by Aroma Bit.
aroma code is a smart label that visualizes product aroma as a digital pattern based on measurement with an odor visualization sensor developed by Aroma Bit. Products with similar aroma code patterns have similar aroma, and those with different patterns have different aroma. aroma code is a groundbreaking next-generation smart label that allows people to see the odor as if smelling it.

For consumers, it enables search and purchase of new products that they are not familiar with. For example, they can look for a product that has aroma similar to what they like at half price. This offers a new shopping experience and opportunity to discover products based on aroma, which was not possible in conventional e-commerce websites.

A benefit for sellers is that they can get new sales opportunities that would otherwise be lost because they can help consumers discover products that they would want to buy if they know the aroma of the products before purchase. aroma code provides a new tool for communication and promotion that conveys the aroma of products, which embodies their uniqueness or characteristics, to consumers digitally, visually and intuitively. This is expected to help sellers cost-efficiently create opportunities for consumers to discover and purchase products without spending a heavy promotion cost for tasting as consumers can see the aroma (flavor) of products before purchase.

By offering coffee labeled with aroma code, which is a visual tie to coffee aroma, Aroma Bit and Hisamitsu Coffee will suggest a new way for coffee enthusiasts to enjoy, choose, discover, and sensitively connect with coffee focusing on aroma, and will create entirely new product value for coffee.

milunio is currently available in Japan only (Aroma Bit plans to expand globally).

[Overview of milunio e-commerce website for choosing and searching products by aroma]
Name: milunio
[What is aroma code on milunio?]
aroma code is a generic term for the service of issuing an aroma visualization label based on an aroma/odor sample sent by customers.
aroma code is a smart label that shows differences in odor in the form of patterns based on measurement with the world’s leading small odor imaging sensor developed by Aroma Bit.
Customers can place aroma code on their products or indicate the code on product websites to provide consumers with an unprecedented way to visually and intuitively understand product odor and aroma.

For more details about aroma code, visit

About Aroma Bit
Aroma Bit designs, develops, and distributes small odor imaging sensors and other electronic devices as well as innovative services using these devices.

About Hisamitsu Coffee
Hisamitsu Coffee offers roasted coffee beans under the GUILD COFFEE brand in Kagurazaka, Tokyo.

[Company data]
Name: Aroma Bit, Inc.
Address: 2nd floor, Sagami Building, 7-13-6, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Shunichiro Kuroki, president and representative director
Established: February 2014
-Development, production, and distribution of electronic devices and systems including small odor imaging sensors.
-Planning, development, and distribution of products using the sensors and innovative odor-related services.
-Other relevant businesses

[Company data]
Name: Hisamitsu Coffee Co., Ltd.
Address: 1-15, Shirogane-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Yasutaka Hisamitsu, representative director and general manager

Planning, production, and distribution of roasted coffee beans and coffee drinks
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