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Pixie Dust Technologies and Tsukuba University Digital Nature Laboratory presents their latest research achievement at CHI 2017 “Focus speaker based on ultrasonic phased-array technology”

Pixie Dust Technologies, Inc.

Pixie Dust Technologies, Inc. and Digital Nature Laboratory present their latest research achievement, which is a “focus speaker” based on ultrasonic phased-array technology, at CHI 2017.

Pixie Dust Technologies, Inc. (Registered office: Willmington, Delaware / CEO: Yoichi Ochiai) (hereafter, Pixie Dust) and Digital Nature Laboratory (Supervisor: Yoichi Ochiai) present their latest research achievement, which is a “focus speaker” based on ultrasonic phased-array technology, at CHI 2017.

【 Conference proceeding paper 】
Yoichi Ochiai*, Takayuki Hoshi*, and Ippei Suzuki:
Holographic Whisper: Rendering Audible Sound Spots in Three-Dimensional Space by Focusing Ultrasonic Waves (* Joint first authors), Proc. ACM CHI 2017, pp. 4314-4325, Denver, Colorado (USA), 6-11 May, 2017.

【 Pixie Dust’s new product 】
The new product, focus speaker, is based on ultrasonic phased-array technology which is one of the core technologies of Pixie Dust. Hundreds of ultrasonic transducers are adequately controlled to make an ultrasonic focal point. The focal point acts as an omnidirectional sound source when the ultrasonic waves are modulated by audible sound frequency. Sound sources can be freely placed in air with this speaker.

The ultrasonic phased-array technology controls an acoustic field to generate force in air, to transport objects without contact, and to deliver sound to a targeted person. This technology was published in a research field by Pixie Dust’s co-founders, Yoichi OCHIAI and Takayuki HOSHI. Their video featuring this technology was a smash hit throughout the world, registering three million playbacks. It won Good Design Award, METI Innovative Technologies Award, and many others.
Based on these functions, we are developing new applications for new experiences, in which objects will be able “speak” to you; invisible haptics can be suspended in mid-air to produce pharmaceuticals or even delicious vegetables; and aerial displays can be put on for entertainment purposes. It is even applicable for comfortable space travel. Furthermore, we plan to embed our phased arrays in public spaces and networks to enable users to access information in a new form factor, to be used as new display and new advertising technique. It will be useful for crime prevention, traffic safety, and other public forms for safety. You will be able to design the information space, anytime, anywhere, to deliver information in a natural manner without gadgets.

To distribute this technology widely, we developed our first product. Award-winning designer Manabu Tago is our chief designer.

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[Movie] Holographic Whisper - CHI2017
[Movie] Holographic Whisper

【 Pixie Dust’s mission 】
We are entering the IoT era, in which various tools and gadgets connected to the Internet are flooding into our day-to-day existence. In connection with this, Pixie Dust Technologies launches its project in order to realize not a “device-centered” experience, but an “environment-centered” experience, whereby digital resources liberate the potential of the real world and improve our experience through physical activity. In order to realize this vision, we utilize various types of physical quantities such as sound, light, radio waves, to name a few; and we aim to contribute to our society by releasing innovative products, integrating computer science and physics.

【 Company 】
Name : Pixie Dust Technologies, Inc.
President : Yoichi Ochiai
Address : 108 West 13th Street, Wilmington, Delaware
Foundation : Jan, 2015
Service : Develop a “focus speaker” based on ultrasonic phased-array technology

【 Contact 】
Company Name : Pixie Dust Technologies, Inc.
Staff : Yusuke Murata
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