Thu Apr 13,2017 23:00 pm

JOLLY GOOD Develops World’s First AI Engine, “VRCHEL” that Analyzes 360 VR Images and Detects Multiple Types of Information Properties, Using Unique Algorithm


New services using “VRCHEL” to be announced at the 2017 NAB Show on April 25th

For Immediate Release:
April 13th, 2017

Tokyo - April 13th, 2017 - JOLLY GOOD Inc. developed the world’s first artificial intelligence engine, “VRCHEL” that analyzes 360 VR images & sounds and detects multiple types of information properties, including objects, people and corporate brands, etc. shown in the images.

JOLLY GOOD will reveal new services utilizing “VRCHEL” at the 2017 NAB Show in the U.S. on April 25th.

Besides analyzing data of 360 VR images, “VRCHEL” can also learn about scene configurations and atmospheres. With its unique algorithm, “VRCHEL” helps finding the best content or information for users, enabling to find cross-border business opportunities.

■VRCHEL Trailer movie

■Able to detect multiple attribute information simultaneously
With existing image analysis techniques, only objects shown in the images were recognized. “VRCHEL” conducts multiple analyses, including image analysis, voice recognitions and natural language processing by using its pattern recognitions & machine learning functions. Thus, it can grasp details of a summary of the content, including scene configurations, properties of the performers, languages and atmospheres as well as locations, objects and corporate brands.

■Learning users’ viewing behavior
“VRCHEL” will continuously be able to improve its recognitions by learning users’ viewing behaviors from the applications, which are being distributed as well as its content data introduced in the beginning. In addition, it learns viewing patterns and preferences in each country & industry to find the best content or information for users.

■Analysis of 2D movies and commercial videos
As it analyzes 2D movies and commercial videos as well as 360 VR images, “VRCHEL” is able to obtain detailed properties of information. Accordingly, it enables automatic business matchings in the video industry, and it will also expand cross-border business opportunities with its translating function.

■A showcase of new services of “VRCHEL” at The 2017 NAB Show
Mr. Kensuke Joji, Founder & CEO of JOLLY GOOD Inc. will make an announcement of the world's first "VR business platform", using AI at the following event:

VR x AI Potential for VR Business to Rapidly Expand by AI
Key Topic: Virtual and Augmented Reality/Immersive Content
Date & Time: 10:00 a.m. on April 25th, 2017
Venue: VR Pavilion: Virtual Reality Theater
Las Vegas Convention Center
NAB Session URL:

■”VRCHEL” official website


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Keisuke Yamada