Thu Mar 23,2017 11:00 am

Launching the Official Japan Heritage BORDER ISLANDS App.

Japan Heritage BORDER ISLANDS Promotion Council

Add to the Enjoyment of your Trip to Nagasaki’s Japan Heritage Islands! Featuring Route Information for All of the Islands’ Attractions, and an AR Ancient Times Camera Function. Can You “Catch” the Local Mascot Characters with the Official App!?

The Japan Heritage BORDER ISLANDS Promotion Council, which comprises the Nagasaki Prefectural Government, the local governments of the cities of Tsushima, Iki, and Gotō and Shin-Kamigoto Town, and other relevant organizations, has launched an official app to enhance the sightseeing experience of tourists in the Japan Heritage-designated Border Islands.

The app is packed with information and features to make your sightseeing trip to Iki, Tsushima, and Gotō Islands even more enjoyable! Use the app to learn more about the cultural properties on the islands and about nearby facilities, find directions to your chosen destination, and take photos with the AR camera. You are sure to find it useful.

Click here to download the smartphone/tablet app from the iOS (App Store).

Click here to download the smartphone/tablet app from Android (Google Play).

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