Mon Mar 13,2017 22:00 pm

Have you already seen a petit bonsai magically float on thin air? Get ready to be entertained by the new development for Air Bonsai!


Official Air Bonsai by HOSHINCHU- Inspiring the World with Floating Bonsai through Kickstarter, presents Limited Edition traditional Japanese "Arita-yaki"

Tokyo, Japan- HOSHINCHU, the creator of the floating AIR BONSAI, announced their New Line-Up following their very first product on Kickstarter. Variations of the New Line-Up embodies the collaboration of Ancient Japanese designs and modernized "Arita-yaki" Air Bonsai models with a unique touch. The New Line-Up are all available in limited quantities. Only a total of 3 High-End Models can be offered in a first-come-first-served basis. You can buy the New Line-Up of AIR BONSAI only at the HOSHINCHU WEBSITE ( ).

The mesmerizing beauty of a bonsai or plant of any country effortlessly floating is a new idea that allows you to experience modern and future technology. The "Arita-yaki", "little star" Lava and other items are Hand-Made in and from Japan. HOSHINCHU brings the world the fusion of traditional Japanese aesthetics and modern technology.


HOSHINCHU, an innovative Art team from Japan, created the AIR BONSAI. AIR BONSAI was born from the idea of restoring the health and beauty of the future of our planet Earth. In 2016, HOSHINCHU introduced the AIR BONSAI on the world famous crowd-funding platform, KICKSTARTER, and received overwhelming responses from 69 countries with funding of more than $840,000 in 40 days. HOSHINCHU was fortunate to have an article published by world-renowned TIME MAGAZINE with more than 23 million subscribers from all over the world. Another honorable moment was when Founders of Instagram, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, extended an invitation to HOSHINCHU to exhibit a collection of AIR BONSAI at their event in Japan. In the same year, the AIR BONSAI was exhibited at the Setouchi Triennale, a festival of contemporary and modern art, with one million visitors from all over the world. HOSHINCHU will continue to energetically "Go On and On and On..." to share their beliefs and ideas.

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Company:Hoshinchu Air Bonsai Garden Inc. For any inquiry, please contact