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“180 degree * Stereo Video”- a Superior VR Music Video Released

THETA Corporation

A VR Music Video with a one-up position hits the streets

For Immediate Release
December 1, 2016

Tokyo, December 1, 2016 – “180 degree * Stereo Video”, a superior VR Music Video, was released on November 24 by Theta Corporation, a Tokyo-based VR content planner, in collaboration with JAKOL CORPORATION and Slow Curve.

The content at this time encompasses “VIC:CESS” in the VR Music Video that is to be released by a Japanese major label on December 9, 2016.

Theta Corporation engaged in such a line of services as planning, photo shooting, and editing by employing their patent-pending unique editing technology and photo shooting equipment, as well as contributing to the production of 1st major single “Effect” in the Music Video.

Four features of the VR Music Video:
1. Stereo photo shooting with the patent-pending unique equipment
Owning to the photo shooting with the unique developed equipment, using two cameras equipped with a high resolution & sensitivity sensor, the movie with satisfactory qualities can come true only here by thoroughly eliminating VR motion sickness or uncomfortable feelings.

2. Editing and montage functions with Visual Effects (VFX)
In furtherance of user experiences, Visual Effects (VFX) are used as needed. Aside from the recorded movie, graphic animations that hooked up to the audio source are also included, as a result of the analytical procedures to audio levels, so that user experiences and their tensions are on the upgrade.

3. Synchronizing with favorite artists by breaking the barrier of personal spaces
The stage plan is made with an emphasis on the artist’s performances that walk into even audience’s personal spaces so that users can sense the artist near. These would give them high realistic sensational experiences.

4. New stage to take users on special experience as if they were in a live music
Adjustments of each scene’s transitions were made in tune with the music composition.
By putting each piece together in a reasonable manner, the new stage is seen to the light. The new stage like never before gives users the live music as if they were in the middle of the scene.

Future plan:
Theta Corporation plans further such a content development in VR Music Videos, as well as producing live VR contents with a use of Stereo Video technologies.

Also, Theta Corporation aims to play a role in an effective content development by making an alliance with leading companies in Asia and North America region, in addition to making a contribution to leading platforms in Japan.

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