Mon Nov 14,2016 23:00 pm

Video work of Japanese contemporary artist Samurai Masa, Another "WS" ~ Episode 7.5 ~ 2nd "Samurai Masa is here!" Revealed


A Mysterious Japanese Samurai Slashes in His Way to the World of Art with Underpants as His Weapon

For Immediate Release
November 14, 2016

Tokyo, November 14, 2016: Samurai Masa, a contemporary artist, is pleased to announce the worldwide release of his latest video work, featuring the image of the movie, Star Wars.

This art work consists of 6 parts. The second part, an introduction image of Samurai Masa and its trailer, will be released on November 20, 2016. Then other episodes will follow each week.

The video and image can be viewed on its dedicated website.

The inspiration for this latest video work comes from the movie Star Wars.
Samurai Masa, who is producing his art works on the theme "Samurai and Underpants", dares to express “The Japanese Pride and Japanese Culture” to the world through his video works.

But Why Underpants?
Underpants have some symbolic characteristics, which prompt a little chuckle anywhere in the world, and are linked to the emotions like embarrassment and disgust.

"Many people in the world wear underpants. No matter where you are from, which religion you believe in, the role of underpants is pretty much the same everywhere.....and they will get dirty! Regardless of who you are, when you are standing with just your underpants on, this triggers a giggle. This sense of humor could work for creating a more peaceful world", says Samurai Masa, explaining his passions for an art with underpants.

Samurai Masa incorporates this message in a series of video works, which can be seen on-line world wide over six weeks.

Here is the schedule for the video releases:
Ep. 1: November 13, 2016, "Return of Samurai Masa"
Ep. 2: November 20, 2016, "Samurai Masa is here!"
Ep. 3: November 27, 2016, "Samurai x Underpants"
Ep. 4: December 4, 2016, "Encounter with the Enemy"
Ep. 5: December 11, 2016, "Samurai Masa goes to America"
Ep. 6: December 18, 2016, "Fight against the Enemy"

The special website for the second episode is:  
Its trailer can be viewed on: 
(URLs for the other episodes will be announced).

Samurai Masa, who currently lives in Japan, plans to move his base to the USA and perform guerrilla performances, "Samurai and Underpants" as his eternal theme.

He is also planning a gigantic art performance on the occasion of "No Pants Subway Ride" in January 2017 in the New York City.

The spirit of the samurai is in his blood.

As a warrior surviving in this modern world, Samurai Masa is slashing through the art world not with a sword, but with underpants as his weapon.

About Samurai Masa: He is descendent of a vassal of the famous Shogun, Toyotomi family. His name “Samurai Masa” is coming from his background as a descendant of Samurai Commander. Coming from a long line of artistic talents, his ancestors also had a relationship with many cultural celebrities, heroes, and heroines in history.

With his interests and self-studies in contemporary art, he started to pursue his passion in the art world with underwear as his weapon. A samurai, surviving in the current world, is going into the world of art not with a sword, but with underwear.


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