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Production budget up to 100 million JPY! 2nd International Short Film Pitch Competition Call for entries from around the world

Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia

Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia (operated by Pacific Voice Inc.) and avex digital Inc. open their 2nd short film pitch competitions, where the winner can receive a production budget of up to 100 million JPY*.

Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia (operated by Pacific Voice Inc.) and avex digital Inc. open their 2nd short film pitch competitions, where the winner can receive a production budget of up to 100 million JPY*.

avex digital Inc. is a leading company of the entertainment industry that always strives to drive the growth of the visual media market. It also cooperates the project with Academy Awards® accredited Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia, which is one of the largest international short film festivals in Asia, with a shared aim between them. The competition launched last year with 1,653 submissions from 83 countries around the world. The organizers continue seeking emerging filmmakers and film producers who are struggling to realize their great and unique project ideas. By funding a maximum production budget of 100 million JPY, avex digital Inc. and SSFF aim to boost the film industry beyond borders. Pitches of genuinely moving, exciting and touching short films are desired.Any genre is accepted.

The deadline is 31st January 2017. Five nominees will be selected in May before the winner is to be announced during SSFF & ASIA 2017. In addition to the prize money, the winner obtains the chance to receive the production budget up to 100 million JPY. If the winning pitch were to be made to be a short film, the complete short film will be premiered at Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2018 and continues being submitted to other film festivals around the world.

【Comments from Tetsuya Bessho, SSFF & ASIA President 】
Japan is still to become a very supportive country for filmmakers to create their works and visions. Meanwhile, the world sees a trend of recognizing as well as supporting art and culture more than it used to do, which as a result, produces brand new business opportunities and repays the creators. I believe avex digital Inc. holds generous and compassionate thoughts towards the creators—who nowadays need to be genuinely creative. We expect as many submissions as possible.

[Competition Details]
■Title: 2nd International Short Film Pitch Competition
■Competition theme: “Thrilling, Exciting, Moving”
■What to include in the pitch:
All elements listed below must feature in the pitch. Note that the projected run time must be less than 25 mins.
・Plot (250 words max.)
・One line that sums up what kind of film this is
・Photographic images or movie of the world you envisage
・Entrant profile
・Link to a showreel or individual links to past works
■Prize money: Top 5 pitches (5 people) 500,000 JPY (per person) / Best pitch (1 person) 1,000,000 JPY※
※An additional 1,500,000 JPY will be awarded after confirmation that the pitch will be realized as a short film
■Entry period: November 1 (Tue), 2016 ~ January 31 (Tue), 2017
■How to Enter: Entries must be submitted via the project website, where information on official rules is also available
URL: http://www.shortshorts.org/shortfilm_pitch/index-en.html
※Entries are not accepted via the mail. All entries must be made in English or Japanese only.
■Announcement of Final Result: During Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2017, held in June (subject to change)
※We are not able to respond to inquiries regarding why entries are selected
■For inquiries regarding entry, please contact: pitch@shortshorts.org

■What is avex digital Inc.?
An operator of all-you-can-watch subscription video services such as “dTV”,“UULA”, and “GEO Channel”, also producing original content for these platforms. In addition, it also finances and operates all-you-can-listen subscription music services such as “AWA” and “LINE MUSIC”.

■What is Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia?
The festival is Academy Awards® accredited and one of Asia’s largest international short film festivals. It was founded by actor Tetsuya Bessho in Harajuku, Tokyo in 1999 and set about introducing the largely unknown “short film” genre to Japanese audiences. The festival has welcomed more than 320,000 visitors to date. As well as spreading the word about short film in Japan and constantly expanding its scope, the festival also continues to support up-and-coming creators as they set out on their various paths.