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Distribution Starting for the Free Trial Version of "HSFT" -Huge & Secure File Transfer System-

Simulatio Corporation

The Best Solution for Cloud Services, HSFT is Available Free from November for 2 Months for Both Mac and Windows

For Immediate Release
November 1, 2016

Yokohama, November 1, 2016: Simulatio Corporation is pleased to announce the release of the trial version of HSFT (Huge & Secure File Transfer System) on November 1, 2016. Users can experience unlimited use of HSFT absolutely free for 2 months.

The use of cloud services increases daily and the size of data is getting bigger and bigger.

HSFT was created to meet those needs by implementing multiplexing connections to enable high-speed transfers of files up to Terabytes in size but at a low cost.

It does not require a specific server or a protocol to use HSFT. You only need to install the software in your current environment to connect, and then you can enjoy high-speed transfers. According to our testings, its transferring speed is up to 34 times faster over SFTP*. Also by using our unique multiple protocol pipeline, HSFT can be used as a gateway so that all transfers between servers or clouds can be controlled by the client.
*Standard tools

Main Features:
Multiple file/Multiple stream functions:
The whole transfer process, including disk I/O, encryption, and compression has been optimized for parallel transfers. Files are split into chunks and transferred in parallel, using full network bandwidth and multi-core CPU resources.

HSFT also supports multiple file transfers which make the procedure even faster.

HSFT uses encrypted connections and Industry standards for secure data transfers. HSFT applies integrity checking on TCP protocol for every chunk to ensure that the transferred data is reliable. In addition, if there is a problem during the transfer, you can resume the operation later.

Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration supported:
HSFT includes an option to use Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration. It increases file transfer speed by about 50% to 500% for big data files across large distances.

Usage examples:
-Bidirectional data transfers between laboratories and factories abroad
-Transfers from a private cloud in Tokyo to Amazon S3
-For server backups onto S3 or other bases in the distance
-Quick transfers of video data from abroad to Tokyo
-Use as a client software for file-sharing services when using S3 as a storage

To get the free trial version, visit the website ( ).
The GUI full trial version is available for Windows and Mac OS X.
HSFT is also available as a CUI version(please contact for details).

About Simulatio Corporation: Established in 2005, in Yokohama, Japan, Simulatio Corporation specializes in entrusted software development in the molecule chemistry field, algorithm research, and artificial intelligence development.

Main suppliers include Toyota Motor, Fujitsu and Sumitomo Chemical Company.


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