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We support AI development in order to prevent human error. The AI Development Fund Secretariat, along with specialists in various fields, are establishing the AI Development Fund.


With a focus on healthcare and transportation, The Artificial Intelligence Development Fund will start to support the joint development between specialists in each field and business operators developing artificial intelligences. A capital circulation system will be constructed to reinvest a portion of sales in AI development, and we will improve public safety infrastructure while caring for victims of accidents resulting from human error.

On August 18, 2016, the Artificial Intelligence Development Fund Secretariat (Location: 2-5-3 Kamifukuoka,Fujimino-shi, Saitama Prefecture; Agent Representative: Teruhisa Akabane), which supports the development of AI products for public safety, established the Artificial Intelligence Development Fund as part of the Association for the Promotion of Public Welfare, A Prime Minister-Approved Public Fund.

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At the Secretariat, we support cooperative development between business operators developing AI and experts in various fields such as healthcare and transportation; we invest a portion of product sales for use by the fund. We also hope, through this cooperation, to bring the field of artificial intelligence to various venture businesses and professional people and create AI products which may contribute to public safety.

■Preventing accidents with the power of deep learning when humans cannot prevent them

The Association for the Promotion of Public Welfare is an organization which has achieved great results from the application of its money as a community fund, providing scholarships and support for nonprofit activities. Since the establishment of the Artificial Intelligence Development Fund, we have received favorable tax treatment related to donations as a corporation promoting specific public good, including deductions from our income tax and corporate taxes.

At this fund, we act through both a nonprofit organization performing AI research and development and a public welfare promotion society simultaneously building public utilities and providing support for victims of crime and medical malpractice.

■Establishing a background for the pain of unpreventable problems, including accidents and terrorism

Although new technologies in the fields of transportation and medical care are brought about by gaining an understanding of medical malpractice and land, sea, and air accidents both inside and outside the country, accidents due to human error, such as those caused by insufficiently-trained staff, continue to occur in great numbers.

Also, there are few cases of accidents arising due to non-personal medical teams and communication infrastructure themselves. Investigations in each field are performed every time an accident happens, but it is currently very difficult to reduce human error to zero.

With this situation as a background, the Artificial Intelligence Fund Development Secretariat was established to support victims of crime, terrorism, medical malpractice, and transportation accidents occurring due to lack of progress in the development of artificial intelligence, along with supporting public utilities and nonprofit organizations advancing development.

Many people who have previously been caught up in transportation accidents, infrastructure accidents,terrorist acts, and various crimes while living their lives carry with them a lot of hard feelings. The Artificial Intelligence Development Fund was founded based on feeling the pain of these people and their families in the same way that they do, and a strong intention not to repeat the same errors again.

■Contributions are not one-way: A fund which produces a great development loop

By connecting fields which were unable to make use of existing artificial intelligence to the Artificial Intelligence Development Fund, which makes products with know-how born from new technologies such as deep learning, we established our fund with the purpose of creating AI products which are helpful to people.

Artificial intelligence research is supported by contributions from businesses, but if pushed, one would have to say that the primary flow is from large companies to large research institutions. At this fund, rather than the traditional unilateral flow of capital, we reinvest a portion of proceeds into further development of artificial intelligence, creating a cycle.
As our latest landmark, we are promoting activities aiming to develop two products for the medical field in our first year. From now on, we will construct a network between each field of specialization and business operators developing AI, and we will continue to support people who have suffered due to human error.

【About the Artificial Intelligence Development Fund Secretariat】
Location: 2-5-3 Kamifukuoka,Fujimino-shi, Saitama Prefecture
Representative: Akabane Teruhisa
Phone Number: (+81)03-5962-7747
FAX Number: (+81)03-6800-5566
Content of Activities: Funding AI Development, AI Development Support, Victim Support

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