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intense & associates signs an agreement in preparation for launching a new business incubation project utilizing an “Innovation Hub” platform.

intense & associates LLC

intense & associates has signed an agreement as the initial step of a new project utilizing an Innovation Hub platform with a major IT company that is planning to start new business incubation projects including the inbound tourism market.

intense & associates LLC (i&a), is headquartered in Shibuya, Tokyo and Eiji Michihiro is the Managing Partner. i&a is preparing to launch the first project utilizing a brand new business platform dubbed the Innovation Hub in order to support business development based on open innovation.

Since intense & associates was founded in January 2012, it has been providing a wide range of customizable professional services to many clients. With its wealth of expertise and knowledge of business strategy consulting, i&a has partnered with clients to develop and deploy business strategy, initiate hands on business reform, negotiate M&A, forge alliances, and provide resource training support.

intense & associates has been highly successful in driving business growth and creating new value in the market for clients by bringing together external resources and supporting collaboration between different industries and experts from diverse fields. This success has encouraged new companies to partner with i&a to develop co-creation relationships between partners from diverse industries and their own existing resources. These co-creation relationships have brought new value and growth to our clients.

In order to respond to these demands, i&a has developed the Innovation Hub to more effectively provide open innovation services to promote cross industry and cross field collaboration with the goal of developing new businesses.

[Agreement Outline]
The purpose of this agreement is to leverage the industry know-how, best practices, and business management resources of a major IT company in the ICT (Information and Communication Technology) industry to create better innovative services and anticipate issues and challenges in advance of a full roll out. This will allow both parties to act as launch users to streamline and increase the effectiveness of intense & associates’ Innovation Hub platform.

Based on this agreement, both parties will be working towards the start of Innovation Hub services in late 2016. They will be ironing out concrete business schemes including inbound business, and will initiate a dry run of the Innovation Hub platform including creating business seeds via collaborative cross industry projects with various venture companies.

[Future Business Plan]
intense & associates’ business acumen has helped their clients meet new challenges across the complete business lifecycle from strategy planning to execution and ongoing management support. By adding this new business incubation service using the Innovation Hub as a platform, i&a will be able to provide superior services to clients that are struggling to overcome business challenges on their own.

Moreover, through the added value created by the Innovation Hub, i&a will be able to support new business launches by resolving issues via open innovation, allowing companies to take advantage of opportunities quickly and anticipate future roadblocks. Through the inclusion of training innovation resources via industry-academia collaboration, regional revitalization via government and local companies, and collaboration between major companies and venture start-ups, i&a will be able to provide a range of new services to target markets.

[About intense & associates]
“Let us help complete your puzzle” is our corporate motto. Our company was founded in January 2012 in order to provide innovative consulting services that are more flexible, effective, and customizable. i&a works with senior management teams to develop solutions that address the most demanding business challenges our clients face today. i&a provides a full suite of professional services including, business strategy planning, hands-on executions, and roll-outs, to companies that want to grow their business.

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