Tue May 31,2016 17:00 pm

For Immediate Release May 31, 2016 English Counseling for Disability Pensions and Worker’s Accident Compensation Insurances to be Offered by Oshima Consultation Office

Oshima Licensed Social Insurance Consultant Office

The Oshima Licensed Social Insurance Consultant Office will be offering consultation services in English from June 1, 2016

Tokyo - May 31, 2016 - Oshima Licensed Social Insurance Consultant Office today announced that it will be offering consultation services in English from June 1, 2016. The services will include counseling and representations on application procedures for the disability pensions and worker’s accident compensation insurances.

People who are looking for counseling in English usually have no place to go to for help. Even for non-native speakers who are proficient in Japanese at a daily conversation level, legal terms are confusing and hard to understand most of the time.

Aimed at helping these people, the new consultation services have the following characteristics.

1. Consultation can be conducted in English.
2. Relevant information, such as Japan’s pension-related laws and regulations as well as social security agreements, can be provided.
3. Follow-up services, such as increasing pensions when their medical conditions deteriorate, can be provided.
4. Representation is available for the paperwork involved in the worker’s compensation insurances in cases such as sexual harassments, power harassments and long working hours.
5. Inadequate pension services can also be handled appropriately.

Persons, who are suffering from injuries or illnesses during work or from other causes, can be entitled to these services:

1. Persons who developed mental disorders or other illnesses due to long working hours and other causes while under employment in a Japanese branch of a foreign-based company
2. Persons who became the disabled while at work in a Japanese company
3. Persons who became the disabled while married to a Japanese person
4. Persons who suffered from depressions as a result of divorces from international marriages
5. Persons who returned to their home countries without learning the disability pension system

Commenting on the opening of these new services, the representative consultant, Tatsunori Oshima, said, “According to a recent news report, the nursing and elderly care field is a very stressful working environment. In the course of my work, I have constantly encountered foreign workers in Japan, particularly those from Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam, in cases involving worker’s accidents and in the field of nursing and elderly care.”

“These foreign workers must be feeling a stress of working in Japan, an unfamiliar place for them. In addition, many of them are not well informed about Japan’s worker’s accident compensation insurances and the pension system. The worker’s insurances, in particular, provide generous compensations that will be necessary for medical treatments.” He adds.

The Oshima Consultation Office aims to undertake around five such cases each month in the near future. Counseling services in Chinese and Korean are also planned.


For more information, please contact:
Tatsunori Oshima
Oshima Licensed Social Insurance Consultant Office