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"foop" A Stylish, Next-Gen Household Hydroponics IoT System

Delta Electronics (Japan) Inc.

AddTron Technology (Japan) Inc. is proud to introduce “foop”, a stylish household hydroponics device.

April, 2016

A Stylish, Next-Gen Household Hydroponics IoT System

AddTron Technology (Japan) Inc. is proud to introduce “foop”, a stylish household hydroponics device.

The “foop” is an IoT (Internet of Things) device that synchronizes with smart phones, and the foop smartphone app (for iOS and Android) communicates your vegetables’ environmental data straight to your smart phones. The environmental data is managed in the cloud and it monitors the conditions. This is a new type of “interior vegetable growth computer”, which constantly monitors and manages temperature, humidity, CO2 concentration, water level, lighting level; as well as automatically adjusts air pump cycle, LED lighting level, FAN strength by foop’s vegetable growth recipe. Since the foop smartphone app is integrated with Facebook, user can update information of growing vegetables to social networks platform through foop smartphone app.

We will start receiving preorders for "foop" build-to-order manufacturing in Japan by the middle of April 2016. Interested or potential buyers can sign up from our website. We will send products to the customer 3 to 4 months after we have certain amount of orders. Currently foop is only provided in Japan.

foop website:

- Smart sensor automatically adjusts growth environment
The smart sensor understands the growth environment by measuring the lighting level, temperature, humidity, and CO2 concentration all the time, and it automatically adjusts the LED light and air pump to delicately tweak the conditions. Specially, a non-contact optical sensor is used for measuring the water level. Smart sensors equipped in the "foop": luminance sensor, water level sensor, temperature and humidity sensor, CO2 sensor

-Automatic adjustment by Cloud Assisted Intelligence
The internal environment of the "foop" is always optimized by “Cloud Assisted Intelligence”, which controls all environmental information from smart sensor both inside and outside of the "foop".

-The foop smartphone apps (iOS and Android)
It is simple and easy to operate with the foop smart phones app. This application provides an auto adjustment function for the best condition of each kind of vegetables, monitoring vegetative period, quantity of water and temperature function, as well as notifying the internal and external environment.

-foop screen display
The foop screen display visualizes the vegetable’s condition, which shows the growing
condition and maintenance information collected by multiple sensors

-Sophisticated design
This IoT hydroponics system is designed by Mr. Hideo Kambara, the product designer who produced “KADO-KESHI” eraser (KOKUYO Co.,Ltd.). The "foop" features Japanese Style “cylinder design”, which can fit just about anywhere,textured beautiful and elegant HIDA wood, easy maintenance with all of the controller and functions located on your smart phone, and a semi-closed acrylic cover which keeps out dust or bugs. This harmony and smooth design will be a new style of interior. All the HIDA wood used for the "foop" is well-finished with smooth texture Japanese craftsmanship; pic by pic, and each pic with laser printed “foop” logo.

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants, which is effective in regions where soil is
contaminated or where there’s a water shortage. So this method is going to be incredibly
important in the future. Hydroponics also helps growing plants faster and is not affected by
weather, allowing everyone to enjoy an indoor garden.

Size: 498W x 320D x 326H
Power supply: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 30W
Weight: 8kg appx.
The number of plants: MAX 20 units (after thinning out. Leaf vegetables: 12units, Herbs: 20units)
Cultivation environment: 15 to 30 Celsius (indoor)
Capacity of nutrient solution tray: About 4 litter
Wireless Communication: Wi-Fi IEEE802.11n/g/b, Bluetooth Low Energy 4.1
OS: Linux
IoT ready; future proof connectivity to interact with other IoT products
Flexible growing plan engine for new type of plants and plan optimization in the future
Web service API for flexible integration with social services
foop dedicated iOS, Android applications to guide user step by step and to help user stay informed

AddTron Technology (Japan) Inc.
foop PR team: Naho Ajioka